Mirror surface grinder

Specially designed for the high-tech industry, ultra precision surface grinding machines. zero point one μ Submicron precision grinding with a grinding reserve of 2 μ Below 0.1 microns μ Feed amount.

Mirror surface grinder

Main feature /
■ Accuracy
Table surface guaranty(Testing grinding piece*6, thickness difference) : 2μ.
Downfeed(minimum unit) : 0.1μ
■ Spindle & motor
Vertical driven by AC servo motor.
2HP V3 grade low virbration spindle motor.
Direct drive spindle, ABEC Class 7 (P4) bearings, 0.003m/m TIR.
3 angular contact ball bearings at front, 2 angular contact ball bearings at rear side of spindle.
■ Cross and Longitudinal(618TS)
Cross feed driven by simplified AC servo motor, it's more precise when intermittent feed.
Longitudinal by advanced table hydraulic design, feed range from 0.3m/min to 25m/min, it provides easy operation and vibration-free reversing motion and controlled by the proximity sensor built-in design for safety.
■ Cross and Longitudinal(618H)
Cross feed driven by ball screw (618H).
Longitudinal driven by hydraulic (618H).
■ Base & slide ways
Enlarged structure dimension, superior stability and rigidity.
Cross double V and longitudinal V& flat, and TURCITE B coated with hand scraped, 3 axes are box ways.
One-piece casting base and slide way.
All main castings are made of "Meehanite GC275" and have been annealed stress for long lasting and accuracy.

Product Details

Technical data

CAPACITY Maximum distance from table top to spindle center linemm370370370370
Table surface (L x W)mm470x150485 x150470x150
Maximum longitudinal travelmm560490560
Maximum cross travelmm210210210
T-slot (No. x W)No.mm17171717
FEEDLongitudinal movement of table (X axis) 

Hydraulic feedm/min0.3-25-0.3-25
Handwheel per revolutionmm70.6-70.6
Cross movement of saddle (Z axis)

Intermittent feedmm0.15-10--0.15-10
Continuous traverse feedmm/min1200--1200
Handweed per revolutionmm5-5
Handwheel per graduationmm0.02-0.02
Vertical movement of wheel head (Y axis)

MPG handwheel per revolutionμm0.1/1/2-0.01/0.1/3
MPG handwheel per graduationμm0.0001/0.001 /0.02

Rapid/Slow vertical feed.mm/min230/29-600
Vertical automatic down feed

Feed per time (rought/fine)mm0.0001~0.0999
Total stock removalmm0.0001~99.9999
Total fine feed stock removalmm0.0001~99.9999--
SPINDLE&WHEELSpindle motorHP2-2
Spindle speed (50/60HZ)rpm3000/3600-3000/3600
Grinding wheel OD x BmmФ205/Ф180xФ31.75-Ф205/Ф180xФ31.75
MOTORHydraulic motorKW/P2-2
Cross feedW90--90
Vertical feed (AC servo motor)W400-400
Lubrication pumpHP0.02-0.02
DIMENSION&WEIGHTFloor space(Lx Wx H)mm2500x2100x20401880x1700x20502500x2100x2040
Packing dimension (L x W x H)mm

Machine weight (Approx.)kg135012001350

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines without notice.

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